Cross Trade

The swift growth of international trade in recent decades has necessitated an efficient transport service equipped to cope with our contemporary

commercial demands. In order to facilitate this, modern-day infrastructure, freight and transport systems have allowed for the inter-linking of freight

modes across borders..


Global Airfreight International Pte Ltd, working closely with its overseas partners, are in a position to capitalize this growth in trade via our cross trade



Instead of contracting with several separate parties in order to establish a complete freight system, customer who wished to have goods transported

across international borders and across multiple modes of transport need only contract with Global Airfreight International who would take on the

responsibility of the entire freight and transport operation.


Cross trade did not only achieve practical benefits such as time-saving, cost-saving and general technical efficiency; it was also legally practical for

contracting parties, because having a single contract to govern the entire freight chain eliminated the cumbersome situation created by having several

separate transport documents for each individual leg of transport.