Technology / Electronics

The Technology/Electronics industry forms the core of Singapore’s manufacturing sector. There is a good possibility that part of an electronic device today was designed or made in Singapore. As such, there will be various handling activities throughout the movement of Technology/Electronics in the supply chain such as domestic distribution and freight forwarding.

GAI offers a total supply chain solution that will meet the demands of Technology/Electronics customers in the logistics and warehousing services. We provide dedicated teams that work closely with reputable transportation specialist and international carriers to ensure the highest quality standards are meet.

We provide full service options to customers from In House Support, dedicated Import/Export handling teams, control tower and domestic delivery distribution. In addition, we provide value added services including POD management, reversal (reject) shipment arrangements, administrative support (KPIs/statistic reports/etc).

We have a good history in terms of warehousing, transportation and delivery as we aim to provide our customers with the ease when goods are transported from point to point. With our IT infrastructure, documentations and certifications in place, we will track the shipments from point of origin to destination, perform the LOGISTIC requirements as well as maintain a business friendly environment.

We offer the following services:

  • In House Support
  • Dedicated Import/Export Handling teams
  • Control Tower
  • Domestic Delivery Distribution
  • Delivery & Tracking Management

Please do not hesistate to contact Network Support & Development (NSD) Dept on your cargo inquiries.