In-House Support

Our In House support will portray us as an extension of your Logistics/Traffic department by assigning experienced and dedicated staff in your premises. We offer seamless coordination between your Logistics department and Global. We endeavoured to meet your stated aims of enhancing supply chain efficiency and response, while achieving economies of scale.

Our In House support are knowledgeable and experienced, and provides synergy to the work process from continuous upgrading and value added services. This is further supported with our dedicated teams in Freight and Site services, bundled with strong support from our overseas counterparts.

Effective logistics of a customer’s goods or services is vital to the success of the final transaction and GAI focuses on gaining the trust of customers in maintaining quality shipment of goods yet at competitive rates.

Our agility and flexibility provides an extra niche that creates better quality in protecting our customers’ business interest.

Our In House Support provides:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced manpower
  • Reliable and flexible 24-hours support
  • Strong back-end support with dedicated teams
  • IT integration
  • Value added services including the following:
    • Flight planning and shipment booking co-ordination
    • Preparation of shipping documents
    • Coordinating with freight forwarders on sea / air shipment
    • Monitoring and coordinating of cargo delivery and collection
    • Shipment pre-alert and tracking
    • POD management

You can leave everything in our hands, without having to intervene in daily operations and paperwork.