Dangerous Good Management

Dangerous goods’ are materials or items with hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/ or their means of transport.

There are 9 hazard classes defined in the Regulations namely: 

Class 1 – Explosives (sub-divided into six divisions)
Class 2 – Gases (sub-divided into three divisions)
Class 3 – Flammable Liquids
Class 4 – Flammable Solids (sub-divided into three divisions)
Class 5 – Oxidizing Substances (sub-divided into two divisions)
Class 6 – Toxic and Infectious Substances (sub-divided into two divisions)
Class 7 – Radioactive Material 
Class 8 – Corrosives
Class 9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods


Transporting dangerous goods is a complicated process and detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations is vital. Our pool of dedicated and accredited expertise will be able to provide strategic solutions for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods.

Please do not hesitate to contact Network Support & Development (NSD) Dept on your cargo inquiries.